Plastic Free Scrubby Unsponge


Plastic free and machine washable sponge alternative.



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This listing is for a set of 4x unsponges with a hessian scrubby size measuring 3.5”x4” (with 1cm margin of error).

Switch from your plastic disposable sponge which spew micro plastics down your sink each time you wash the dishes, to a reusable and more eco friendly alternative.

Each sponge is completely plastic free, hand made with cotton and cotton towelling, stuffed with cotton towelling offcuts and scraps of cotton for the ultimate zero waste and recycled make.

Ensure to rinse and ring out the excess water after each use. Simply throw in the washing machine after a few days of use to keep it fresh. Line dry or tumble dry. Please note the scrubby side is for light scrubbing, not baked on food. I’d recommend soaking pots with baked on food before washing to aid food removal.

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single scrubby sponge, 4x set scrubby unsponge

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