Hi, I’m Kamilla, the mind behind Earth kind. 

I make reusable products to help stop plastic waste filling our planet.

My starting point was around the time I watched blue planet 2, I remember vividly feeling horrified at how much plastic had been floating around in the ocean for years and how it affected marine life.

I looked at my own lifestyle habits and decided to make a change.I started off making reusable food bags as myself and my young daughter went through so many disposable ones on a daily basis!

These were a success and I saw that others were also starting to become eco aware, so I decided to introduce more ideas and created Earth Kind Creations.

Green energy is used to produce my products and run my sewing machine, I also have solar panels which primarily powers my daytime work.

The packaging for sending parcels out is all recyclable, home compostable, reusable and recycled where possible.


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