10″ Single Map Print Wax Wrap


Reusable replacement for cling film



Ditch single use cling film and replace it with these vibrant 10”x10” reusable wax wraps.

Made with 100% cotton treated in bees wax or vegan wax, jojobo oil (for antibacterial qualities) and tree rosin (to give it that ‘cling’ factor). Vegan options are less clingy than the bees wax option, this is due to the differences in waxes used.

Cling film takes upwards of 25 years to break down, imagine all the cling film and food bags we have used in our life time just sitting there suffocating our planet and wild life! make the switch and save money in the long run as these will last you years if treated right.

*VEGAN options available upon request. The vegan wax wraps are slightly less clingy than the bees wax ones due to the nature of the wax used. Some wraps may need additional twine to secure around foods.

Please be aware of the ingredients, if you have a pine allergy please message me before buying.

Care: not for use with hot foods, microwaves or washing machines etc. Avoid contact with raw meats, fish and pineapple. Wipe clean with a damp cloth or soft sponge, leave to air dry.

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bees wax, vegan wax

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